The Modern Estate Agent   How do we charge so little? The answer is simple. Because we don’t have bricks-and-mortar branches. Branches come with expensive things like empty desks, branded accessories, expensive rents, rates, extra staff and so on, we eliminate unnecessary costs and pass those savings on to the customer. We operate from one centralised head office in Dublin, perfectly poised to support our team, customers, their property and buyers.  If we don’t have any branches, does this mean you have to do everything yourself? On the contrary. Our dedicated team are experienced and here to help 24/7; on the phone, online and even at your home. We can take care of it all and offer some more (keep reading). How can we guarantee great service? Our team are focused on selling homes, not drumming up new business. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, our team can fully hone in on…Continue Reading
What to watch out for We all know the usual suspects that help or hinder the value of our homes; location, size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, energy efficiency, lot size, age, condition, development/extension opportunity and proximity to local transport. But what else are home buyers looking out for? Here are six of the strangest factors that can alter your home’s market value.     The Name “Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” Fair enough Dumbledore but what if that name was Doody’s Bottoms (Co. Wicklow) or Bastardstown, Co. Wexford? Believe it or not, the name of your area has a huge impact on the value of your home. With freelance work on the rise, many people are working from home now. And I can’t imagine being taken very seriously as a human rights lawyer…Continue Reading
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Hindsight teaches us that some things are better off left in the past and this goes for interior trends too. Putting your home on the market can be stressful enough and we don’t want you to sweat the small stuff. You want your home to appeal to the widest possible audience and if that means ditching the avocado toilet suite, then flush, flush, flush away with hapless abandon. Remember, you want your potential buyer to envision himself/herself living there so banish any personalised touches to storage and stage your house so it has mass appeal. Moovingo, the Modern Estate Agent with No Commission or Complications. In – Minimalism Most buyers prefer a pared-back aesthetic; in particular millennials, who favour a clutter-free lifestyle. Think about the purpose of each room and strip it back to basics. Clean, tidy and bright expanses of wall and floor create the illusion of more space…Continue Reading
Who are millennial buyers? The fastest growing generation of consumers, Generation Y (AKA) Millennials are currently dominating the real estate market, accounting for more than 67% of our population. You’d be remiss to ignore this digital savvy, aesthetic-driven bunch when marketing your home. What does this mean for sellers? Valuing meaningful social interactions, diverse experiences and keen to fuel wellness, millennials seek the same from a home. Tap into this mindset and reap the rewards. Maximise your millennial appeal and with a small investment, you could just gain higher profits and a quicker sale. What steps should I take as a seller? Find a tech-savvy agent The generation that grew up with the internet, the millennial set are technologically savvy and don’t miss a trick. They conduct most of their transactions via smartphone; increasingly desktop, laptop and even tablets are becoming defunct. Your agent needs to speak the language of…Continue Reading
Style like a professional on Instagram With one billion downloads and counting, love it, like it or lump it, Instagram is here to stay. Keep a curated feed and find inspiration from the arbiters of serious taste – we love A Beautiful Mess, Green and Mustard, Contemporary Life, Houzz and Plants in Decor. Appealing particularly to millennials, having an Insta-worthy house on the market is one of your greatest tools to making that sale. Here are our top tips to rank high on those hashtags. #interiorsinspo #homegoals #dreamhome Love at First Book Nailing an Insta-worthy aesthetic can be as simple as displaying some lavish table top tomes in your sitting room/bedroom. Eye-catching coffee-table books can tantalise in one single glance. This is the one time where the book should absolutely be judged by its cover. It’s the first thing your buyer will see, so keep it in line with your signature…Continue Reading
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Here’s How To Nab That Quick Sale Agreed Sign:Buying a home is a momentous occasion; a milestone that should be celebrated. The less stress it incurs, the better. With some carefully chosen ingredients and a solid method, your recipe for success will come to fruition. And it might happen a lot quicker than you think. Selling a house isn’t rocket science. Getting that sale agreed sign needn’t be as drawn out as the big reveal in How I Met Your Mother (spoiler alert – nobody cares). Combining tried and tested strategies with the latest technology and some savvy brain power, you’re on to a winning formula propelling you towards the home strait. Remember the time Time is a cruel mistress and the longer your house is on the market, the less attractive it becomes to interested parties, and the more drawn out the process is for you. Keeping your home…Continue Reading
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Nail the entrances and exits of potential buyers so you’re the player nobody hates. Staging your home for sale is a fine art, one that is key to piquing interest and max buyer appeal. Injecting some investment into presentation can help usher in the sale that your home deserves. The amount spent should be in proportion to the asking price but as a general rule of thumb, €2,000 is the magic number for an average size property. How do you stage your home like a pro? Detach yourself emotionally, take tips from an outside eye and take it from us, these six simple steps will dress your home for sale success. Don’t Curb their Enthusiasm First impressions count when selling a property. Trite but true. Kerbside appeal is paramount for property buyers. The house’s exterior is the very first thing your potential buyer is going to see, so make sure it…Continue Reading
Proptech In spite of it being a multi-billion euro industry, the property sector is still dominated by antiquated processes. From dealing with agents, developers, lawyers and banks, communication and transactions can be incredibly confusing, slow and expensive, especially for those not too familiar. However, there is hope on the horizon. Our American and British counterparts are blazing a trail in the digital property sector employing more cost-effective, time-efficient and painless strategies. The graph below, shows the growth on Google of the expression “PropTech” over the last 5 years – in Ireland. What exactly is Proptech? PropTech, or Property Technology is exactly what it says on the tin, referring to any technology within the property sector that makes life easier. Bringing with it efficiency, trust and value, proptech is breathing new life into an industry that was very much stagnant for the last two decades. In Ireland, it is still a…Continue Reading
Cold Turkey for Big Spenders. In today’s treat yo’self culture, we tend to fuel fire with fire. Turning 30? I smell Prosecco. Promoted in work? Weekend in Europe. Survived hump day? Domino’s for one.  The hangover of Christmas is still lurking but the new year is in sight. New year, new you, less shoes. You’re about to go cold turkey on all indulgences. So, why not take wellness beyond the body and exercise some financial fitness? New film Downsizing (in cinemas January 24) stars Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig as a couple trapped in the rat race, longing for an easier life with less debt and more disposable income. Science interjects with the solution – a newly-invented procedure to shrink their bodies to 5 inches so they can live a more financially viable and sustainable life. But their plans to get rich or die tryin’ don’t exactly pan out as expected.…Continue Reading
Christmas is usually the time of the year when you feel centred and calm and when you can fully breathe…unless, of course, you are in the middle of a major house re-shuffle. However, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. With a few simple things to remember, you can keep focused throughout the process. Make the arrangements If you have a major house move happening this Christmas, things are going to be a little bit more hectic than you’d like – and there is no getting around it. So the best thing you can do to counteract the impending disorganisation? Get organised! Decide who’s house you’re going to go to this Christmas – and make the arrangements. When are you going to head down? How long are you going to stay? What will the sleeping arrangements be? What do you need to bring? Or maybe this is the year you…Continue Reading