Moovingo Sales

  • Why would I use Moovingo over a traditional agent?

    Moovingo combines the best of traditional Estate Agents, the human element, with the efficiency, trust & value technology brings. Unlike existing agents we also give our customers access to a personal performance dashboard so they can review the progress of their sale. We also charge a clear fixed fee for our services, which is far less than the unknown 1-2.5% plus the extras traditional agents charge.

  • How are you able to offer more affordable pricing?

    The majority of estate agents are based in expensive retail units with large overheads to maintain a shopfront (rents, rates & extra staff) that brings little value to buyers and sellers and the cost is passed to the seller.

    Moovingo is powered by technology, one centralised office in Sandyford and an agent covering specific locations. Our centralised office paired with our accessible technology, allows us to collaborate and work better as a team to support our sellers.

  • What is the difference between Moovingo & the big property websites like Daft & MyHome?

    Sites like Daft & MyHome are property portals, which allow buyers to search all the properties on the market at their leisure. We are an Estate Agent who have invested in amazing technology & people to enhance the experience of buyers and sellers and use the portals as one form of marketing.

  • Are we licensed by the Property Services Regulatory Authority?

    Yes we are fully licensed for categories A, B & C under the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011. Our license number is 003783.

  • Do I still need to pay an agent 1-2.5% commission as well as Moovingo?

    No, Moovingo are licensed and act as your agent, we have packages to complete everything you would expect from an agent and more.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    No, our fees page explains all costs and our team will provide pricing on anything not listed, with Moovingo there are no hidden fees.

  • Are my details secure with Moovingo?

    Security comes standard. At Moovingo, trust is our #1 value & we are committed to running the most secure, trusted, reliable & available technology to our agents and customers.

  • What are our opening hours?

    Our office is open 9-5:30pm, your assigned agent is available outside these hours via mobile, & our website operates 24hrs allowing you to complete necessary tasks such as updating your calendar of property availability, accepting offers made on your property, monitoring your dashboard to see how your sale is progressing & other insights.

  • What does a hybrid or technology enabled Estate Agent mean?

    Moovingo is the first of its kind in Ireland. We combine the human face of the traditional estate agency model with a unique, online platform allowing customers to have control over buying or selling, at the click of a button, 24 hours a day.

  • What areas do we cover?

    We are a Nationwide Estate Agent, please get in touch to discuss options.

  • Do I have to be tech savvy to sell with Moovingo?

    No, we can manage the entire sale without you doing anything. However the website is designed to be easily used and understood by all.

  • What documents do I need when selling?

    Due to KYC (Know your customer) requirements, prior to advertising your property on the market we will require a proof of address (utility bill or similar) & a copy of a photo ID (passport, driving license). As we are bound by the PSRA, a formal contract known as a B1 agreement is drawn up & signed by a Moovingo Agent & the party selling their property. The B1 lists all the terms of agreement between Moovingo & you.

  • Who shows buyers around my home?

    A dedicated Moovingo Agent will show buyers around if you chose our performance package, however, you are the one who knows your property best. If you wish to save even more money you can carry out the viewings. We provide all the tools & information you need to do so & we are available to advise.

  • Who creates photos & floorplans?

    All photographs are taken by a professional photographer, floor plans are created with specially designed floorplan mapping software.

  • Who negotiates offers?

    Our team will work with you on all offers to negotiate the best price for you.

  • Who manages the close of the sale?

    We have a specific internal process that provides a smooth close.

  • Do I get a For Sale sign?

    Yes, you will get a 'For Sale' board professionally installed to grab the attention of passers-by. Additional charges may apply for areas beyond our installers network of Dublin and surrounding areas.

  • Do I need a solicitor to sell my home with Moovingo?

    Legally, you aren’t able to sell a property without having someone to carry out the conveyancing. We work with several top solicitors in Dublin who specialise in conveyancing. Get in touch & we will be happy to arrange a conversation & pricing.

  • Do Moovingo work with Property Developers?

    Yes, we assist developers at various stages of a new development from appraising site values, forecasting, sales and marketing. Our New Homes page has a further information or get in touch for a chat.

Moovingo Lettings

  • How does the lettings process work?

    We start with a free appraisal of your property or portfolio and advise on the best strategy to maximize the return on your investment. Once the property is ready to go on the market we proactively market it to potential tenants. We host all viewings, look after all the legal and administration, reference check tenants, collect rent, and inspect the property. Book your free valuation today.

  • Do you offer a full or partial letting service?

    We can offer let only or full management service customising either or to fit a landlords needs. A breakdown of what to expect can be found on our fees page here.

  • Do you work with relocation agencies?

    Yes, as well as advertising on property portals we work with relocation agencies and multinationals in assisting them house their members.

  • How does a tenant make an offer on a property?

    All prospective tenants will make offers directly to the agent managing the letting. They will gather all necessary references and offers before presenting them to the landlord.

  • How does a tenant report a maintenance issue or emergency?

    All tenants will be provided with necessary contact details to resolve any issues.