Even though motivation could be at an all-time low, January is a great time of the year to put your property on the market.

It can sometimes be a very slow month – most people are still recovering from Christmas, meaning you have a clear runway to get ahead of the competition.

Book A Valuation 

The very first thing you should do is book a valuation. You can book a free valuation with Moovingo and our agent will advise you on anything that might be required to prepare your house for a sale.

Once you have a professional opinion, you can create a plan on what you need to do.

Selling your home in January

The January Spring Clean

January is the definitive month for spring cleaning and New Year’s resolutions and de-cluttering is one of the most important aspects of preparing your house for a sale.

It’s time to get up into the attic and ruthlessly attack everything you have stored up there.

Schedule in time to do charity shop drops. Spend a Saturday down at your local bring centre. Have all your old electronics sorted, all your life administration filed and decide what’s being binned.

While you’re at it, if anything needs a lick of paint or if the garden needs a tidy, now is the time do it.

The January Sales

If you need any soft furnishings for staging your house, you’ll be able to pick up some great bargains in the January Sales. Items like duvets, pillows, rugs and cushions are all helpful items for staging.

These touches will also make the professional photography go a long way, a service which is, of course, included in the Moovingo flat fee.

Get busy with DoneDeal

This is the time to get familiar with DoneDeal and Ebay – decide what you want to sell, if you need to buy anything, or if you just want rid.

Get your ad up and decide who’s going to manage all the correspondence, as entering the world of listings is a full-time commitment.

Selling your property

Treat yo’self

If you have children, they’re off school a bit longer in January – so use that to your advantage. Turn the process of packing into a game and treat yourselves to a Family Day Out when the job is done.

Friends and family are on a strict budget in January, with little in the way of socialising. So why not throw a car boot sale party – tempt them over with cheese and wine, make a night of it and kill two birds with one stone?

And if your stuff doesn’t budge? Have a gander on collectireland.com where you’ll find car boot sales around the country.

And the flip side to all this of course, is that buyers tend to be very active in January – a combination of New Years Resolve and Christmas Blues creates a swell of interest for prospective home buyers.

Great news for sellers – roll on January 2020!

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