Hindsight teaches us that some things are better off left in the past and this goes for interior trends too.

Putting your home on the market can be stressful enough and we don’t want you to sweat the small stuff. You want your home to appeal to the widest possible audience and if that means ditching the avocado toilet suite, then flush, flush, flush away with hapless abandon. Remember, you want your potential buyer to envision himself/herself living there so banish any personalised touches to storage and stage your house so it has mass appeal. Moovingo, the Modern Estate Agent with No Commission or Complications.

In – Minimalism

Most buyers prefer a pared-back aesthetic; in particular millennials, who favour a clutter-free lifestyle. Think about the purpose of each room and strip it back to basics. Clean, tidy and bright expanses of wall and floor create the illusion of more space and light, making the room look bigger, brighter and better. Accents of colour can be expressed in a throw or cushion but generally grey, beige and off-white reign supreme.  Far from looking utilitarian, the minimalist trend imbues an air of sophistication and allows potential buyers to better imagine themselves in this home. Winning!

Out – Bold Statements

To boldly go where no man wants to go is a brave step but for all intents and purposes, sellers ought to err on the side of caution when it comes to extravagant designs. Bold paint colours (even if only hinted at) can be unnerving and distracting for the buyer. Painting is inexpensive but your buyer might not want to do it, so do it for them. Wallpaper, mosaics and tiles are extremely personal choices and time-consuming for the buyer to remove. Select warm neutrals shades like taupe, beige, ivory or grey and eschew stark hospital white which can look sterile and clinical.  Remember – colour has a huge impact on mood so choose calming, serene colours that influence your buyer to make a rational, informed decision – the decision to buy your house.

In – Hardwood Floors

Countless surveys reveal that buyers prefer hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors last longer, are easier to clean and because they don’t hold dust like carpet, are far better for people with allergies. If you don’t already have hardwood floors, this could be an investment that will nab you that sale agreed sign a lot quicker than your competitors. Dead wood be gone – time for woodwork 101.


Out – Carpet

Turn on any home improvement or interior design show and you’ll see new buyers stressing out over the arduous task of removing carpet. Renowned for being less durable than wood flooring, carpet stains quicker, retains odours for longer and can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Carpet doesn’t react as well to a steam cleaner and is assumed to hold bacteria and germs – a big no-no for any potential buyer. No more sweeping things under the rug, then.

In – Light and Bright

Leonard Cohen famously said “there’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.” We want more of the light, less of the cracks. Lighting can have a dramatic impact on a space, drawing the eye towards the most desirable attributes of your home and away from the negatives. Paint any dark rooms a brighter colour to reflect light. Sparkling clean windows and trimmed trees/hedges let the light stream into the house. Solar panels are a big hit with home buyers, as are multiple light fixtures – spotlights are bang on trend, especially in kitchens. Match the light to the ambience of the room and the wattage to the purpose – whether it’s a reading lamp, overhead ceiling light or diffused floor lamp.

Out – Dark and Dreary

Unless you’re marketing to Twilight and co, most buyers want bright, well-lit rooms. Heavy drapes might signify lush opulence and classic taste but they draw light from any room so consider replacing them or removing entirely. Heavy blinds are a particular bugbear – ideal for warding off nosy neighbours, detrimental for nabbing that sale. Ensure all appliances are squeaky clean and when showing your house, turn on all lights – even the ones in your display cabinet.

In – Stainless Steel

Gleaming silver appliances are one of the most sought-after features in a kitchen. Sleek and streamlined, stainless steel is synonymous with durability and modernity. Property appraisers have found that buyers often equate the material with a recent refit, assuming that the kitchen has just been renovated. It’s easy to clean, timeless and modern without being too trend driven, if you don’t already have stainless steel appliances – get them. It’s a no brainer.

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Out – Dark Cabinets

Families congregate in the kitchen so it’s important to get that room right. While dark coloured hardware and cabinets can prevent stains, they exude an outdated vibe and draw light from the room that should be the heart and soul of the house. Last year saw rise of black accessories and hardware in the kitchen but this is far too modern to have an overall appeal. Lacquered, white cabinets complement stainless steel fixtures flawlessly, as well as slotting into several different design schemes from rustic to traditional or modern minimalist.

In – Quartz

Last year, Trulia scoured its site with over 5.7 million properties to find the trends most desirable to home buyers. Quartz countertops were one of the heavy hitters on the list. Not only is quartz ultra-resistant to stains and scratches, it quite literally shimmers. Realtors suggest that fitting a quartz countertop in your kitchen can actually increase the value of your home – buyers will pay more for a permanent fixture that they won’t have to replace. Its style is timeless yet unassuming and while it might be a little bit more expensive than marble, it can seriously pay dividends in the long run.

Out – Wallpaper

Countless studies have revealed that wallpaper (no matter how luxe or trendy) can seriously devalue the price of your home. Wallpaper is highly personal and it is very unlikely that the new buyer will have the same taste as you. What does it represent? Hours upon hours of work and heavy duty removal. Do your walls a favour and strip them of it before your house goes on the market. You won’t look back in anger.

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Moovingo, the Modern Estate Agent with No Commission or Complications.