Staging Your Home For Sale

Deciding that you want to sell your property is the start of a very exciting new journey. Once you have made the decision to put your home on the market there are lots of incredibly important steps to follow and you may be wondering where you need to start. One of the first steps will be preparing your home for it to be listed on an online estate agents’ website and the correct property portals. The most important property portals for Irish sellers are Daft and MyHome, this is where buyers search for property throughout their buying process. 

 We have all heard the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is definitely the case when you are selling a house. There is no denying that in real estate, pictures can make a huge difference in how quickly you sell your home and ultimately, can impact how much you sell it for. Getting your house ready for these photos to be taken is a process that you should start as soon as you decide to sell. Moovingo estate agent has put together a list of helpful tips to help you get your property ready for these photos.

De-clutter And De-Personalise

 It is so easy to hold onto items that you don’t necessarily need anymore and they end up being stored in the most random places. See selling your property as an excuse to de-clutter. Get rid of anything you don’t use or need and free up some space.

 Take your home back to the basics for the photos to be taken, make it a blank canvas for anyone interested in purchasing, they will then be able to envisage themselves living there. When your photos are being taken find a home for photo frames that live on the side table, fridge and remove everyday items including the shampoo bottles from your shower.

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Spruce Up The Decor 

You may think that it is pointless to decorate now, especially if you’re going to be moving out but sprucing up the decor is incredibly beneficial for photos as well as viewings. Going over the paint on your walls and having a deep clean will definitely help. 

If you want to sell as quickly as possible then we would recommend that you strip all of your rooms back to neutral. For one, light colours make a space look bigger and brighter which is always a bonus, but lots of people like being able to move into a property and not decorate straight away so this will be a huge selling point.

Don’t Forget About The Exterior

So many people focus on the inside of their property and forget completely about the outside. This is the first impression that people will get from your house and if it is bad then they won’t even bother looking at other images.

Remember, if you have a garden then ensure that you mow the lawn and take some time to make it look like it is cared for. It wouldn’t hurt to plant some flowers or weed the patio too. Potential buyers will be judging your property, so do all you can to prevent them from having things to nitpick. 

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Let There Be Light

Letting in as much natural light as possible is a sure-fire way to make your photos stand out. Of course, not all houses are built with numerous windows and this might not be possible but there are definitely ways you can let more light into your property.

Instead of just opening your heavy curtains, take them down and move any furniture that may be blocking the light. Where you can’t brighten a room naturally, make the most of the artificial light that you have too. Replace dim light bulbs with higher wattage and in areas of your house that are particularly dark, install some extra light fixtures. 

Getting Your House On The Market 

Take into account everything mentioned above and start preparing for your house valuation and advertising pictures. Try to look at your home as if it isn’t your own and be critical about what you think should change to get the best price and photographs you can. 

If you’re looking for advice on selling your house or an online estate agent that you can trust then visit the Moovingo estate agent website. They can provide you with a dedicated local property agent who can give you any support you need, along with a free valuation, professional photography, an attractive for sale sign and floor plans as well as expert marketing for your property. In Moovingo’s capable hands you can trust you will sell your property in no time.