Selling your home

There is so much information about regarding purchasing a property and how much this process can cost you, but you may find that when you decide to sell your beloved home, there isn’t as much easily accessible or correct information. Whilst everyone knows that selling a house is expensive, people are often shocked when they find out just how much things really cost. 

If you’ve had a property valuation and you’re starting to put a plan in place for selling your home, keep reading today. Moovingo has put together a guide to the true costs of selling a house to give you a clear idea of what to expect in this regard. 

cost of selling your hoseEstate agent fees

One of the biggest costs that you will have when selling your home is usually the estate agent’s fee. This tends to be charged as a percentage of the properties value. Depending on which agent you choose, the percentage will differ but, you can sometimes pay up to 2.5% to your estate agent. Always remember to check whether or not this includes additional costs such as brochures and professional photography as well as online and print advertising too. Too often there are hidden fees that go unnoticed until the sale closes.

There are actually ways that you can save money on your estate agent fees. For example, selling your house with an online estate agent or working with a hybrid estate agent like Moovingo estate agent, both can save you a lot of money in the long run. Choosing an estate agent that has all-inclusive fixed fees can really help when it comes to budgeting too. 

Solicitors fees

On top of your estate agent fees, you will also have to pay solicitors fees for your conveyancing. Again, these fees will differ depending on which firm you choose to use, some will charge a percentage of the final sale price and others will have a fixed fee or will charge by time. On average the cost of a solicitor will start from about €1,500 + vat and outlays. 

Other factors such as whether your home is freehold or leasehold and if you have a mortgage or not, can also affect the cost of your solicitor’s fees. However, we would always advise that when choosing a solicitor, don’t always go for the cheapest to save money. You want to ensure that they are capable and you’re confident in their ability to handle all of the legal details.

BER certificate 

Every property in Ireland also now needs a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate before it is put on the market. This certificate will provide a rating of your property’s energy efficiency and it will let any new owners know roughly how energy efficient your property currently is. You can expect to pay between around €120 to €300 depending on the size and type of your property.

costs whenselling your homeAdditional fees

As well as the three essential fees mentioned above, you will also have a range of smaller additional fees when selling your home. One of the most common being the cost to spruce up your home. Completing any required DIY jobs or giving the home a fresh lick of paint can be incredibly worthwhile. Expect to pay approx €1,400 for a 1 bed apartment to be repainted with two coats, and €2,500 for a standard 3 bed home.

Not to mention the costs of required removal companies, any potential storage fees and maybe even the rent costs if you need to stay elsewhere between properties. These smaller costs all add up so, it is important to factor them in when you’re considering how much it will cost you to sell your home. 

Selling your home, what next

Hopefully, you are now more aware of the true costs of selling a house. Whilst they may be higher than you originally thought, unfortunately, the majority of these costs are unavoidable, so just be smart when it comes to budgeting. Always remember that there are ways you can cut costs too, so do your research into big expenses like estate agents and solicitors but, also smaller additional costs like removal companies and storage units. 

If you’re searching for estate agents in Dublin that can provide you with a fixed fee for selling your home, Moovingo is the best estate agent to help. Moovingo estate agent can provide you with different sales packages to best suit your property as well as a range of add-ons to help boost your property, all of which are a fixed price. You can trust that not only do we have the experience required to successfully market and sell your property, but we can save you money when doing so too. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions at all about our fees or would like to book a free property valuation.