A fast sale is the dream scenario for sellers on the housing market. Why? Because selling a property is often a waiting game, particularly if your home isn’t receiving the attention it might deserve. So, it’s important to prepare your home for sale in the most efficient way.  

Chances are your future buyers want to take a walk through the property, which means during the selling process you should treat your home like a shop window: a spotless showcase that looks to make a memorable impression on each and every visitor. 

The recent housing demand hasn’t been matched by a flood of new properties on the market, meaning many homes are selling above the asking price in popular areas. In this article, we explore how to sell fast and get the most value from your property during the market boom. 

Strive for spotless interior presentation

downsizing your home

First impressions count, meaning a clean home is a great way to wow potential buyers when they step into your property. And on the other end of the scale, odours and dirty bathrooms/kitchens are among the biggest turn-offs for the average buyer. 

Cleanliness is the first indication buyers have to ensure your home is properly cared for and in a condition ready for the keys to be handed over. So, to get your home market-ready, follow this cleaning checklist before listing the property on the market: 

  • Wash walls and windows
  • Dust all flat surfaces (including ceiling fans) 
  • Address pungent odours and signs of damp

The latter is perhaps the most important consideration. After all, damp stains and bad smells are often cited as the biggest concern for potential buyers. They are clear indications of further deep-rooted issues, fooling neither seasoned property owners or first-time buyers. 

With this in mind, striving for a spotless interior often calls for professional assistance. Hiring a specialist to conduct an inspection is a worthwhile investment if your home suffers from damp and stubborn odours. Sorting the problem at its root makes your home more appealing to buyers and removes a barrier stopping interested parties from tabling a bid.

Prepare your garden for the new buyers

Research by YouGov indicates homebuyers are looking for properties with attractive gardens. This comes after a third of buyers say a good garden space is more important to them in the wake of COVID-19. 

So, with garden space at the top of the homebuyers wishlist, how does your outdoor space shape up to demand? Are there any problems with the garden that require attention? You don’t need a green thumb or a myriad of botanical knowledge, but you should ensure your garden is in healthy shape to be a worthy canvas for the buyer’s vision.

How well you care for your garden is important. The better the shape it’s in, the more it stands out to potential buyers looking to inherit the space. Problems with your garden can extend from invasive plants (like Japanese Knotweed) that have the potential to damage the property to issues with access and fencing. 

That said, some of the most important (yet overlooked) problems begin with the soil. For example, clay soil is a common and often troublesome composition that becomes cracked and dry, leaving your garden appearing arid and impossible to work with. Plus, it’s slow to drain and easily becomes waterlogged, making it an area of concern for potential buyers. 

So, learning how to amend clay soil is a great way to make your home stand out. A popular solution is to use sand, but this only turns it rock hard. Instead, experts suggest using a soil conditioner to break up and loosen the particles — this makes the ground more fertile and ready to plant an array of eye-catching flowers that could seal the deal. 

Showcase space for a home office

Much like a good garden space, room for a home office is in high demand in a post-pandemic world. This comes off the back of people being forced to work from home during lockdown, resulting in a major shift in how they spend their time and view their household. 

Reports suggest a predicted 40% of employees will work from home by 2025. So, it’s likely potential buyers are looking for a home that can facilitate an office where they can focus and be productive. After all, the modern home has to do it all: provide a sanctuary to rest and play, as well as a place to get stuff done and collaborate with colleagues. 

In some cases, this could mean converting a spare room into a functional workspace, but losing an extra bedroom could put off buyers, especially families with children. Instead, you could go further and build a loft extension, which could add significant value to the house. Or you could commission a garden office that appeals to buyers wanting a better work-life balance. 

The market is booming and sellers need to prepare their property to maximise value and get the best deal. From conducting a deep clean and readying your garden to creating space for a home office — this is how to make your home standout to potential buyers. 

About The Author

Laura May is Digital Editor at Just Another Magazine and has been a writer for over a decade. The magazine features content on interiors, lifestyle, trends, and anything else that matters to you.