Ready to sell your home?

Are you sure? These days selling your home is easier said than done. Valuations, inspections, making your house ‘show-ready’, and that’s all before even mentioning the inevitable, back and forth question of ‘are we doing the right thing’? Let us help you sell your home.

While nothing is certain, if you’ve made it this far into the process and, chosen Moovingo as your estate agent, you’re probably on the right track. Check out their Google Reviews for the real scoop.

Brace yourself, property ‘experts’ are everywhere when you sell your home. Sell, sell sell.

Well, sort of. You will inevitably and, sometimes, rather, unfortunately, receive copious amounts of information as soon as you mention that you’re even thinking of selling. Some information will be informative, some will be irresponsible and some will be extremely interesting, but ultimately useless.

Sound familiar? Thought so. As mentioned above, this kind of carry-on is inevitable and, often irritating, however, that doesn’t mean that it is totally irrelevant.

Financial advice website explains that it’s all about keeping an ear to the ground and deciphering through the…mud. “Compare suggestions and consider accepting the most sound advice.” The advice for you is out there, it’s just about finding it.

how to sell on the property ladder

The price is right

Or is it? describes correctly pricing your house as an art. With Ireland’s current economic situation the way it is, it can be hard to recognize the real limits of pricing property right now. Time to call in a professional.

Getting professional help can stir up a mixture of emotions for people, most of which, when it’s with regard to an estate agent, are concerned with getting ripped off.

This is a recurring query in property and is one that generally remains unanswered. suggests to “Try to compare similar homes of similar square footage within the past 3 months to determine value.”

However, to ensure the best valuation, completed in the most time-efficient manner, we reckon it’s all about working with a transparent estate agent to sell your home. With fixed flat fees, a free property valuation, and a clear line of communication throughout the entire process, you always know where you stand with Moovingo, Ireland’s fastest-growing estate agent. 

Green for go!

Whether it’s a patch or a pitch, your front garden is an imperative part of your house making a good impression on buyers. Few aspire to buy something similar to the Amazon so, when it comes to readying your place for viewings an unkempt garden is a total no-no.

Mandatory but nothing totally major, green fingers and an hour or two of elbow grease is all that is needed to tame your outside terrace.

Selling your house advice garden

Home improvement

Remember all of those jobs you swore you’d do around the house? Well, they are finally catching up on you. And, this time, it’s imperative. They may have passed you by, but to potential buyers, they will stick out like a sore thumb.

So fix those windows, paint that gate and, for the sake of all that’s good, finish those skirting boards.

Set the stage

Get ready for your close-up, or, at least prep your property for it.

The expression ‘to stage your home’ may seem a little exaggerated, but the concept definitely is not. When selling a property, it’s important to remember that, your home is no longer your home, it’s a product. And, those visitors are not visitors, they are potential buyers.

So, unfortunately, that means that they probably won’t be overly excited by that slightly creepy abstract painting created by your Grand-Aunt. Nor will they be totally enthusiastic by the extremely grimy baby blanket that has been in your family for generations.

That’s for your dreams, not theirs. And that’s what you’re trying to sell them. A dream. A home. Somewhere that they can see themselves in for the next 10 years and, a way for you to get an extra few grand on top of the original asking price.

Interior Designer and Gaff Interiors creator, Jo Linehan gives us the inside scoop. “Fresh white linens, a heavy duvet, and piles of pillows on a bed can add that luxe, hotel factor to a bedroom.”

Selling House sitting room

To market

“Don’t just list your home—market it.” puts it simply. Then, elaborating further “That’s especially true of millennial first-time buyers, who have grown up with information on demand.” Add to this, anyone else who is relatively savvy with a smartphone.

First things first, once you’ve sorted the garden and binned the unnecessaries, it’s time to get those professional photos sorted and lay out a detailed floor-plan for prospective buyers.

Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be when you sell your home. All part of their first-class service, Moovingo will sort this for you as part of their fair flat fee. They’ll also back your property with a strategic marketing plan, super-strong negotiating, and a smooth close with solicitors. 

Impressed? You should be. Selling your home? Head to and talk to the people who know.