We’ve all been there. House hunting. The mad dash to the bank on your lunch break that almost leaves you lightheaded. Or, worse, the arrival at the convenience store that is conveniently closed on a Sunday. Groan. And, for good measure, moan.

Well, that’s what you end up doing, particularly when you miss the Credit Union for the third Saturday in a row. You moan and you groan and you commit to trying to be more organised the next time around. Though, we needn’t venture a guess as to what happens the next time. Groan.

But why? Why be so limited to the restrictions of opening hours and weekend closures? Why get the answering machine every time you go to make a call after 5.30? Particularly when you’re doing something as important as, say, looking for a new home.

Moovingo is not about that. It’s not about inconvenient opening hours and it’s definitely not about you rising first thing on a Saturday morning. Unless that’s your thing of course. Which Moovingo is about. What suits you, you know?


A service that suits you.

You see, the beauty of a tech-enabled real estate agent is that it has the ability to operate 24/7. Which, we reckon, is pretty convenient, don’t you?

So, if you want to book a free, no obligation valuation at 1 a.m. from the comfort of your own home? We say, go ahead.

And, if you want to scroll through brand new properties on mobile from your slightly less comfortable train seat on your daily commute? Please, be our guest.

And yes, before you ask, if you want to make an offer on a property, while you have one eye on the football, that is, quite literally, your prerogative.

We’re easy. Or, rather, we make things easy. For buyers, for sellers and for anyone else with a leg up the property ladder.

Moovingo provides a service like no other.

Moovingo packages up each potential home with professional photos, floor plans, a detailed description of the property and anything else you can think of. Backed by a digital marketing plan, the properties are then uploaded and strategically filtered to target the right audiences with the right properties – which means you have the opportunity to search for ‘the one’ whenever it suits.

Better still, once you get to the stage of making an offer on what potentially could be ‘the one’, you can see the process unfold in real time. Sellers will receive offers instantly via Moovingo, so there’s no waiting around to catch your estate agent on the phone. Once the offer’s been made the ball in is in the sellers court, but buyers can review the status of their offer on Moovingo at any time

So what are you waiting for? Get onto Moovingo.com on mobile, tablet or desktop now.