Selling Your House

There are a lot of things to consider when selling your home and you’re guaranteed to be feeling a mixture of emotions about the situation which can be really overwhelming and quite distracting. There are lots of steps in the process leading up to selling a property, all of which are incredibly important, so ensuring that you are well-informed about the process can be really beneficial. 

There is no denying that selling a house in Ireland can be difficult if you have no idea where to start. To help anyone in this situation, Moovingo has put together a checklist for selling a house which includes the most important information you should know before you put your property on the market. Following this will help make the whole process much less stressful. 

selling your house

Get Your Property Valued

One of the first crucial steps is getting your property valued. The best Estate Agents should offer this as a complimentary service. Having a clear understanding of your property’s potential selling price will assist you in managing your finances while searching for a new home to buy. In addition to the market valuation, it’s helpful to be aware of competing properties on the market and to inquire about current demand from an estate agent. This level of detail will help you set very realistic expectations of how well your property is likely to sell in terms of price achieved and how long it will take to go sale agreed. 

Get Your Legal Documentation In Order

Once you’re satisfied with the valuation and ready to initiate the sales process, the most important step is contacting a solicitor. Your solicitor can then request the title deeds and supporting documentation for your home. These documents are typically held by your bank if you still have a mortgage on the property. If you don’t have a mortgage then your solicitor will draft contracts for sale so that they are ready to issue as soon as the property is sale-agreed. Completing this step early can help to eliminate potential delays further down the line.

Documents needed when selling your property include proof of identity, planning documentation, PPS number, marital status, title maps, NPPR certificate, BER cert and title deeds. The sooner you and your solicitor can gather this important information required when selling your property, the less likely a delay will occur.

Get a BER Certificate (Building Energy Rating)

As the property owner, you must ensure you have an up to date BER cert before selling your property. This is a mandatory certificate that almost every property being sold must have and provide to the buyer. There are some exceptions for certain categories of buildings but, your estate agent or solicitor will be able to advise you further. BER details must also be included in all commercial advertisements related to your property sale, so get this to your estate agent and solicitor as soon as you can. The cost of a BER cert varies depending on the size and type of property, but generally costs in the region of €120-€220.

sell your house

Get Your Property Ready To Sell 

The last important step to highlight is preparing for the marketing photographs that will be used for online listings. It is crucial to get good photos of your property so it may be worth considering whether you need to undertake any work before these photos are taken. Prospective buyers need to see your home presented in the best possible way and, as always, first impressions really count. It is important to keep your home in good condition throughout the selling process too, this is essential for viewings with buyers. So, make a list of what repairs and upgrades are needed to help with the sale. A good Estate Agent will recommend if it is worth painting or paying a professional to come in and upgrade the property. 

How Moovingo can help 

It goes without saying that using the checklist above can help you with the steps you need to undertake before your property is even put on the market. These steps are the foundation for your sale and getting them right now can make life much easier for yourself further down the line. 

When searching for an Estate Agent to value your home and promote your sale, visit the Moovingo website and schedule your free property valuation now. Our experienced team have formulated​ ​an​ ​Estate​ ​Agency​ ​around​ ​today’s​ well-informed consumer, and are the ideal choice to assist you with your sale. Moovingo are experienced online Estate Agents and you can trust that your property is in safe hands with us. If you have any questions at all about selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.