Whether it was those must-have boots that cut your feet furiously or that all-cleansing juice diet that did something similar to your insides, we’ve all experienced buyer’s remorse at one point or another. Down a sum of say, €200, we’ve suffered the consequences financially (and sometimes, physically), learnt our lesson and moved on. Needless to say, when it comes to buyer’s remorse on an enormous investment like a home, the stakes are considerably higher. Meticulous preparation is key. Here are five common mistakes that can easily be avoided. Knowledge is power. Going solo We’ve all been guilty of googling our symptoms when we’re feeling unwell. Within minutes of an initial, clumsy search, we’ve frantically diagnosed ourselves with every terrifying illness under the sun. The moral of the story? Consult a professional. The same rule applies when trying to navigate the housing market as an amateur. Consider the amount of money…Continue Reading
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 Sale doesn’t come about without dedication, hard work and – let’s face it – some sweat and tears. There are still a few more steps to take before you can put up your feet and rejoice. A buyer’s guide in three easy steps The end is nigh! You’ve successfully negotiated the hurdles – expected and unexpected – that faced you when you set out on this journey. Over the last year or so, you’ve agreed your budget, applied for a mortgage, received approval from the lending agency, found a suitable house, hired a solicitor, made an offer, and now here you are at the ‘Sale Agreed’ signpost. Home and dry? Well, not quite! There are three further essential steps for a buyer to take to ensure the sale goes as smoothly as possible. Legally bland Once your offer is accepted, the legal process begins. In other areas, you could be…Continue Reading
Selling? Buying? Or just dipping your toes into the property pool? Do it with ease with Moovingo – Ireland’s first tech-enabled full service estate agent. Yes, you heard right, property is turning programmatic. Moovingo is paving the way for a more convenient, cost efficient property process and here’s how they are doing it.  Moovingo cuts out unnecessary admin One of the biggest issues facing agents and, in turn, buyers and sellers, is the length of time taken up with administration. With old-school estate agent models, phone calls go back and forth to set-up property valuations and viewings, and to make, accept and decline offers. This is a lengthy and drawn-out process, not to mention, an expensive one. Moovingo keeps those costs down The back and forth, the bricks and mortar stores, and everything else that goes into running a traditional estate agency, can be rather pricey. It may seem like standard practice…Continue Reading
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Selling a house is one of the most overwhelming and stressful undertakings in life, but potentially one of the most rewarding. Follow these simple steps outlined in our cheat sheet below and you won’t look back. First impressions count It was love at first sight. —Joseph Heller, Catch-22 (1961) Just as this memorable opener to Joseph Heller’s masterpiece pulls the reader in and encourages them to stick around for the unfolding story, the very first look at a home will inform your audience’s decision to invest emotionally or to cut and run. What’s the first point of contact between them and your home? Is it a link, photograph, bricks and mortar? Will it entice them to knock on the door and find out more? You’ll never have a second chance at a first impression, as the saying goes, so make it count. Get them over the threshold. Dress (your house)…Continue Reading
We’ve all been there. House hunting. The mad dash to the bank on your lunch break that almost leaves you lightheaded. Or, worse, the arrival at the convenience store that is conveniently closed on a Sunday. Groan. And, for good measure, moan. Well, that’s what you end up doing, particularly when you miss the Credit Union for the third Saturday in a row. You moan and you groan and you commit to trying to be more organised the next time around. Though, we needn’t venture a guess as to what happens the next time. Groan. But why? Why be so limited to the restrictions of opening hours and weekend closures? Why get the answering machine every time you go to make a call after 5.30? Particularly when you’re doing something as important as, say, looking for a new home. Moovingo is not about that. It’s not about inconvenient opening hours…Continue Reading