Buying and selling made easy

Buying a property is tricky at the best of times, but add on a global pandemic that’s locking down countries, you probably feel like it’s impossible to move forward with buying a home – let alone going to view one. 

Luckily, your house hunting doesn’t have to stop. At Moovingo we have always offered our sellers the option to create virtual tours and property videos but now we take it up a notch with Agent Hosted Live Video-Chat Tours. Virtual tours and video are relatively straight forward, buyers can take control and tour a property from the comfort of their home. However they lack the ability to ask the agent a question in realtime. With live video-chat tours, we do just that. It’s the most effective way to view a property in the current climate. We’ll take you on a live virtual tour of a home you want to see while giving you an in-person perspective answering any questions that spring to mind. 

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What is a live video-chat tour?

Instead of touring a home for sale in-person, a home tour is conducted through live video chat with one of our agents via your preferred app (Whatsapp, FaceTime, Zoom etc). Our agent will physically be in the property you want to see, but you can be at home or whatever location you’re at. Using your mobile or computer, you’ll be able to view and interact with the agent as they guide you through the property and respond to your requests to zoom in and answer any questions you may have, and provide their detailed and honest feedback on the property. Our agent will carefully explain things that you are not able to experience virtually, like the sounds and general ambiance of the home. They will also point out flaws that are hard to detect through video, so nothing is a surprise.

How do you schedule a live video-chat tour?

Simply contact us with the property you’d like to see and suggest a date and time that works best with your schedule. Once you’ve submitted your request, a Moovingo Agent will confirm your live video-chat tour. A tour generally takes about 20mins for a standard 3 bed property. The best part, you can view from the comfort of your home.

If you want to avoid the risk of being exposed to the current outbreak and continue house hunting, Moovingo’s live video-chat tours provide the perfect way to see homes when you can’t get there in person.

It’s simple, convenient, and you can start touring homes again. Best of all, your property buying journey can continue.