Maximise your sale price

There is a lot to think about when selling your property and one thing that will probably be on your mind the most is how much money you will get for your property. Ultimately, the price you get for your home has a big impact on the whole sale and of course, you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible price.

Numerous factors will affect how much you get for your home, some of which are out of your hands. Having said that, there is a lot you can do to ensure that you get the asking price if not more for your property. For anyone that is looking for advice regarding how to get the best price for their home, Moovingo has put together a helpful list of tips.

get the best price for your home

Inside & Out – Make Your Home A Blank Canvas

The things you love about the interior of your home may not be the best things to sell your home. You need to detach yourself from the sentimental parts of your property and take things back to basics. Of course, potential buyers will want to see a clean, tidy and light space that they can see themselves making their own. It makes sense to get your home in tip-top shape before you put it on the market, however, keep it simple and don’t overspend. 

Asking Price – Always Be Realistic

It is so important to put your home up for the correct price. If you list it too high then you will simply deter potential buyers and if you list it too low then you may not get as much as you could have done. Make sure that you have more than one house valuation and also keep an eye on comparable properties to see what they are going for. This will help you ensure you are advertising yours at the right price.

Estate Agent – Shop Around For The Best

There are so many different estate agents and if you have never sold a property before then do your research before you settle for one. Take recommendations from friends and family and talk to the estate agents on the phone or in-person to see how they interact with customers. Make sure that you look into both traditional high street agents and online agents before making a decision.  

Time Of Year – Ensure You’re Selling At The Right Time

Like many things, home sales change with the seasons. Springtime typically brings the most buyers because lots of people want to move during the warmer months. The best month to sell a house will differ from year to year and also areas of the country so, do some research into when would be best for you. Remember to take into account your personal life too and make sure this is the right time for you to sell. Take late November and December as two certain times to avoid, as the evenings get darker a lot quicker, the garden won’t be in bloom and buyers are generally focussed on the holidays. Also, any buyer seeking to renew their mortgage generally wait until the new year to do so.

Find The Right Buyer – Don’t Always Accept The First Offer

It isn’t uncommon for more than one buyer to be interested in a property and they will often all offer different prices. It is easy to get excited and accept the first offer that you are presented with, even if it isn’t the best price you could get. Your agent should have the property marketed to attract more than one buyer, to entice multiple bids and a well-managed bidding war should generate the best result.

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Getting The Best Price For Your Home

The five points mentioned above will help you to ensure that you get the best possible price for your home. We would also advise that you take a look at Moovingo’s checklist for selling a house, which will help you ensure you have completed all the necessary steps when selling your property. This checklist may also open your eyes to other things you need to do before you go ahead and advertise your home for sale.

If you require any advice on selling your house or if you’re looking for an estate agent to assist you with the sale, please don’t hesitate to contact Moovingo Estate Agent. 

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